Landlords – what you need to know

What is Rent with Confidence?

It’s a voluntary set of realistic standards and requirements that sets out clearly what landlords need to do when renting a property. 

Who approved and operates the Rent with Confidence scheme

The four West of England Local Authorities Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol City, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset Councils have approved the Standard. The scheme is also supported by Plymouth City Council.

How can I be approved?

If you are a member of an approved organisation or let your property with an agent who is approved then you may already be approved. If you are not already a member of an approved organisation you will need to join one of those organisations.

Which organisations are approved?

  • Bristol Association of Letting and Managing Agents
  • Bristol University Student Union Lettings
  • Landlord Accreditation South West
  • National Landlords Association
  • National Landlord Code of Excellence
  • Residential Landlords Association

Do landlords have to pay a fee?

Not necessarily, it depends whether or not the approved organisations have decided to charge a fee or not. So if you are a member of an approved organisation you may already be approved under Rent with Confidence. Please check with the organisation whether you are an accredited member or not to be eligible for licensing discounts.

Will it be expensive to meet the requirement of the standard?

No, it shouldn’t be as it’s a realistic standard to expect when renting out a property.

What are the benefits of meeting the standard?

It will help you demonstrate that you are compliant and show prospective tenants you are a responsible landlord. There may also be incentives available to members such as discounted rates for some licensing schemes (if you are an ACCREDITED member) , key property services, like insurance, property valuations, accountancy etc.

Why has the Rent With Confidence been introduced?

To allow landlords to demonstrate they are responsible and so tenants know where to look to find decent landlords and accommodation. Rent With Confidence replaces existing Accreditation schemes in Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. Plymouth City Council also supports the scheme. 

I am already accredited with one of the Councils so what happens now?

Your current accreditation certificate will still be valid until it expires. You will need to apply to one of the approved organisations to continue your accreditation status.

Hasn’t the council got legal powers to deal with poor conditions?

Yes, the government has introduced a raft of new legislation affecting the private rented sector, including the Smoke and CO Detector Regulations, the Agents Redress Schemes and the Retaliatory Eviction provisions. These are on top of the existing legislative requirements in the Housing Act 2004 and elsewhere. These are enforced across the region, but we believe it is useful to work with landlords, and the Rental Standard is one part of the way we do this.

We also have regular landlord forums and meetings with a variety of landlords and agents from the regions and hold regular landlord newsletters. Why not come along to our annual Landlord Expo event ( ).


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